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Monday, August 17, 2015

Of Alligators, Dogs and Legos

      It is Monday again. Levi and I had an eventful day. We took the girls to school and returned to complete Day 6 of Easy Peasy Homeschool: Getting Ready 1. He enjoyed Bonnie the Bee today, but he was crazy about Abraham the Alligator, last week. (He liked that his shirt had alligators on it today.)

     We decided to take a walk after that and we let our little dog, Bambino, escape out into the woods. Princess, our black chow/lab, stayed with us and it took forever for Bambino to wander back home. In the mean time, Princess, decided that escaping is the new trend and she climbed the fence and joined us on the porch. We had just opened the lego set that we received in the mail today, from Pley, and this one has 254 pieces. I put the lego set, full of little pieces, back in the bag and we ate our lunches. We like to pack ourselves lunches, just like the ones that Sophie and Elena take to school. We had sloppy joes, grapes, cookies and Capri-sun Rasberry mountain coolers today. The dogs made nuisances of themselves outside, picking on the chickens and kitties, so they joined us in the house.
          Levi and I finished lunch. Then, we leashed Princess and threw Bambino in with the Terrier, Chester.
The five cats decided the dogs are just annoying and amused themselves with watching their antics.

 Levi spent 30 minutes on and I washed laundry and finally relaxed by watching Netflix.
          When the girls came home, they pounced on the new Lego set, a Friends hot air balloon and tree combo. Raul hasn't tried the Legos yet, but it is just a matter of time until he realizes how much fun it is too. c      
Pley: Rent Lego Sets

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