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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

         It is extremely early, 3:11 A.M., but I am awake and my head is full of thoughts and worries and so I will pour them out here, where I have hope of feedback from you, my friends. I was a Home Educator and Stay-At-Home Mom yesterday. I love to home school and my children do too, but like many of you, I am feeling my finances sneak up behind me. 
        Sophie and Elena are going to school this morning for the first time in their lives. Sophie is worried and has already said she won't like it. She said,  
I can't believe that Papa said yes.
       Can you blame her? She is a fourth grader and has always home schooled. Elena is only in First Grade and I think she is excited. I am not really worried about what they will learn at school, because my girls will be attending Community Christian School. That is the private school across the street from Northeast Elementary School.  I am worried that I will let the teachers, parents and students down, because I will be so quiet that we will have a misunderstanding. I am talking now, and I will keep talking until you understand why. My head spins just with the idea that I must drive them to school every morning, except the ones that my friend and neighbor, Amanda drives them instead. 
     What should I feed them for lunch? Raul makes his own lunches, because I have been so lost on this topic, but I can avoid the topic of school and work lunches no longer. The contents of my kitchen cabinets must change too, from home meals only, to half-on-the-go. What dishes, water bottles and Thermoses should I buy? Do you have extras that you don't need and you could give me? 
       I am in the middle of organizing our playroom and I need more shelves. Raul said he would build some, but I need them now. We have lots of little toys and not enough containers to store them in and so they are all attacking us. 
       Sophie and Elena picked out their first school clothes and in an hour they will put them on, but I can't find Sophie's other sneaker. Elena has outgrown hers. Therefore, they shall wear flip flops. I wish they had shoes though. Will this cause the first problem at their new school? I hope not. 
       When we walk through the front door of school, I am expecting an ambush of paperwork and instructions, since we made the decision to attend school yesterday. Will it be stressful? Will the papers find homes in my house or will they hide with the other papers? I cleared a spot next to me on this desk just now. They will live there temporarily. 
      You may be wondering about the futures of Levi and I. Me too. I join the "PTA" at my daughter's new school today. Then, I return home to continue recovering from surgery for the next four weeks. In this time period, Levi needs to learn to use a toilet. His mama needs to learn where she will work. Hire me, please, in four weeks. Or pray for me. I need a job. Levi and I will be here until I find one. 
My aunt and dad will return to Georgia on Monday. It is 4:30 A. M. and the telephone has called Raul with my message to 
Get up and go to work.
So, I will get up and be ready to be a parent of two private school students. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

We are chugging along

Our summer has been fun so far. We went to cheer on the pathfinders at the 2014 Pathfinder Fair at Bass Academy.

All the Meridian Pathfinder Clubs worked hard and had fun.

The Meridian Adventure Clubs were good spectators.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Everyone loved the Candy Drop. 

Sophie, Elena,Levi and I stayed for campmeeting that week. It was nifty too.

This week, Sophie has been a camper at Camp Alamisco. She is coming home today.
I have been gardening a lot and Levi was a good fruit picker this morning.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still chugging along, but I feel like I am running in place

My house is so close to finished, but we can't move yet. So close and yet we are not done. We lack a little insulation, 13 pieces of sheetrock, the fixtures, electric box, light switches, and outlet covers and putting the plumbing together. Then we can move.

I received my Mississippi Elementary Education license. I am certified in k-6 , and Social Studies(7-12). I need a job now. Then Raul can take over the home front. We will not be a two income family as long as we have small children.

Sophia is 6 and 1/2. First grade is big and she is still climbing the reading hump, but we can see the valley below us now. Elena is 3 and 1/2. She knows her colors, basic shapes and numbers and some phonics. Levi is five months old. He knows he likes milk and sleep. He talks about that too :).

I dream about moving into our house in between school, cleaning, play and baby.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is a sunny fall Sabbath afternoon in Mississippi. Sophia is wearing flip flops and a blue cotton baby doll dress with little pastel flowers as she ran around our trailer with Davinchi, our daschound, and Brownie, our new puppy. She just came in to get Raul, her papa, and Elena, her sister, to go walking with her in the huge field in front of our trailer. Levi just woke up and he is hungry and Lino Fino, our baby blue parakeet is singing with my favorite christian CD.

Happy Sabbath!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have been very busy...

Who knew my life would twirl into a whirlwind as I sold my house on July 19? That is what happened though. The idea that we actually sold our house in the current economy is a miracle all by itself, and we actually sold it with a good price too. That same day, we purchased 12 acres of land in Toomsuba, MS. This was the first step to our dream of living on a farm.

Three months later, our house is very close to being built and we no longer live in the city.

Until our house is finished, we are renting a trailer in Russell, MS and we also added a new family member. Our first son, Levi Raul Espinosa, was 8 lb. 12 oz. and 21 inches long. He is six weeks old now.

Lots of people have questioned our sanity in selling our house to move to a larger acreage in the country, but for me it is not just about my desire to live on a farm. My husband and I feel that God wants us to raise our children in a relaxed country environment, so that's where we are going.

Hello, I am Sophia. (my first dictated post)

I like dogs and horses and cats and puppies and birdies. I like my baby brother named Levi. I played with Ansley today. She is my new friend.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

God can renew your strength

Eagle in flight I
The whole family enjoyed my dad's visit. However, I forgot to take Sophia to the Riley show and she quit gymnastics. I was sick on the day of the church yard sale after throwing up the previous night. Can you tell that last week was very hard for me?

Sophia did end up enjoying a great Riley Show and a great afternoon playing with Lauren and Olivia. Elena and I ate at Chick-fil-A and went shopping together. That was the calm before the storm though. On Tuesday, Sophia had the stomach virus first and then at 2:00 am on Thursday morning, I did my own throwing up. Raul only worked on Wednesday, which was a relief. He was home when I was sick. That was a major blessing. He ended up with a mild version of the stomach virus too. I am thankful he did not throw up like Sophia and I. Elena did seem to feel a little under the weather today. I hope she doesn't throw up next.

Sophia had lots of fun with Gymnastics and maybe she can take it again later, but they are practicing the recital program now and that includes a dance. She did not feel comfortable dancing because she knows that dancing is not an activity that Raul and I want her to be doing. Dancing is not bad inherently, but some dance is aimed at being sexy and so we don't want her involved. No one needs to be sexy, especially a five year old child.

This link has really raised my spirits today and helped me put my troubles back in perspective. My outlook is so positive, because God is awesome. Check it out for yourself. It is so worth the time you will spend.