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Sunday, February 8, 2015

There but by Grace go I

Linda's Experience with the bomb on B Street

      Tuxedo is a historically important neighborhood in Meridian, MS. It used to have several factories and it's own elementary school. Many residents have lived there most of their lives and enjoy the small town charm while residing next to the business district and hospitals with easy access to the mall and the interstate on the other side.
     It is very easy to imagine the surprise that Brother Lee, a member of Calvary Tabernacle, a local church, felt when he discovered a pipe bomb in the trash that he collected to be recycled. He called the police and the bomb squad came to this sleepy neighborhood on Wednesday, February 4, 2015.         Across the street from the field where the bomb squad were preparing to detonate the remains of the bomb, live Linda and Albert Reed.  Linda drives a van for railroad crews through out the southeastern corner of the U.S. Her husband, Albert, receives a courtesy call before Linda receives each assignment.He likes to turn to Linda and remark cheekily," You have a trip."
     Linda returned from her latest trip to find that all roads to her house were blocked by the police. She managed to get home, but the police admonished her to stay indoors. Albert said, "Linda, open that door and let me see." As she opened the door, the bomb was detonated under nine sandbags and a small pebble flew over and hit Linda on the leg hard enough to cause a bruise.
      "Why, " says my husband, Raul, "did that rock hit Linda on the leg? It could have hit the door or the porch or it could have hit her eye and have blinded her." All that we know for sure is that God protected Linda and Tuxedo from any real harm and will continue to do so.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friday 9:30 A.M.

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and that is normal for me since Sophie and Elena started school in August.   Raul and I dropped the girls off at a friend's house. She also has children at Community Christian school and so she dropped them off at school for us and also picked them up for us. What a lifesaver that friend is, because that is where we began a new experience: my long-lost wisdom teeth extractions.
     Raul, Levi and I arrived early to the Oral Surgeon's office. Then we lounged in the lobby, did some reading, web-surfing, and playing with the neat colored-beads on wire box. The lobby was full when we arrived and only half empty when it was my turn to go to a exam room, so I had enough time to proces my experiences, but not enough time to get too worried.
       I sat down in the comfortable dental chair and studied my mouth x-rays for a minute or so. The friendly dental assistants were cheery and reassuring. I barely even noticed when one of them inserted a medicine needle, but the metal heart monitors were cold and I felt chilly. I closed my eyes and reclined and worked on being relaxed, but I was surprised when the surgeon began drilling, grinding and extracting right away. I thought I would be asleep during the procedure and all the activity in my mouth was making me nervous. The first tooth extraction was fast, but the other one required drilling the tooth apart and prying it out. I either fell asleep or fainted, because soon one of the dental assistants was helping me out of the chair to meet my husband at the back door. I couldn't  believe they were making me walk out of the building instead of using a wheelchair. Then we had to wait a full minute for Raul to meet us. The dental assistant put this weird stretchy headband under my  chin and over my ears and head. She inserted a cold gel pack on each cheek, handed me 4 prescriptions and sent us back to Meridian, Ms. All this happened so quick and the pain hit me full force that I panicked and really wanted to be in an emergency room instead of a car at the beginning of an hour and a half road trip to a pharmacy. I knew we would need to wait at least a half hour.  I  hurt so badly that I don't know how long we waited in that pharmacy before they told us we would  need to take three of my prescriptions and return Monday for the other one!  Thankfully, the other pharmacy up the road had that prescription and we were out of there quick, picked up the girls and arrived home uneventfully.
       So here I am recovering at home. We all stayed home and I enjoyed the company. We watched Joseph and The Ten Commandments( six hours of TV time!) I have not done that in ages and enjoyed      3 fabulous smoothies. The first was a rasberry coconut, the second was kiwi strawberry and the last was pineapple mango. It has been intense, but not boring at all, and so Raul will be with me for one more day before School on Monday rolls around, therefore I am confident that I can handle this. I just hope that I don't get a dry socket or any infections. Hopefully, those are needless worries that I picked up during my Internet research this afternoon.

                                                                  Goodnight, Y'all.


How many different life events can you count in this blog post?

Mr. Skolfield told me, "The hardest experiences are the ones that you remember the most. " It was true of that canoe trip, I' ll tell you about that later, and has proved true of my wisdom teeth removal too. Actually, this has been four experiences in one. In April, Sophie, Elena, Levi and I drove to our dentist appointment. Sophie needed a filling,which we came back for later, Elena was all clear, Levi needed supervision, so we waited for Raul to arrive from work and I was surprised by my x-rays.
      My two bottom wisdom teeth were growing in and not up, due to lack of space in my jaw. Dr. Mcquarters referred me to Dr. Nichols in Hattiesburg. Our car broke on the day of my specialist consult in Hattiesburg and I forgot to reschedule. We bought another car, went to summer camp and camp meeting and then I remembered that I needed a prophylactic Hysterectomy to help prevent more cancer by 85%. So, my aunt came to stay and help out.(She was very helpful, but exhausted. So we won't try that again.) Two weeks into Hystectomy recovery, I enrolled my children into school for the first time and decided to begin volunteering at a daycare. Two weeks later, Levi and I volunteered   At Wesley House Daycare for a couple hours. The next day, one of the daycare teachers walked out mid-morning, so the other teacher asked me to help out immediately. Levi and I jumped in our van and I stayed full-time for six weeks.
      I should have kept in mind that recovery from a hysterectomy is supposed to be six weeks, adjusting to a different car must add a little stress and a new school after being in homeschool is exhausting and and I might have had some insight into how hard my new job would be. I decided that the job was not a good fit for me. I began volunteering again at Wesley House on Wednesday and my postponed wisdom teeth extractions happened on Friday, at 9:30 a.m. I thought the experiences were closed, but since I just read that last paragraph again, I think I am right in the middle of a whole new experience already.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

         It is extremely early, 3:11 A.M., but I am awake and my head is full of thoughts and worries and so I will pour them out here, where I have hope of feedback from you, my friends. I was a Home Educator and Stay-At-Home Mom yesterday. I love to home school and my children do too, but like many of you, I am feeling my finances sneak up behind me. 
        Sophie and Elena are going to school this morning for the first time in their lives. Sophie is worried and has already said she won't like it. She said,  
I can't believe that Papa said yes.
       Can you blame her? She is a fourth grader and has always home schooled. Elena is only in First Grade and I think she is excited. I am not really worried about what they will learn at school, because my girls will be attending Community Christian School. That is the private school across the street from Northeast Elementary School.  I am worried that I will let the teachers, parents and students down, because I will be so quiet that we will have a misunderstanding. I am talking now, and I will keep talking until you understand why. My head spins just with the idea that I must drive them to school every morning, except the ones that my friend and neighbor, Amanda drives them instead. 
     What should I feed them for lunch? Raul makes his own lunches, because I have been so lost on this topic, but I can avoid the topic of school and work lunches no longer. The contents of my kitchen cabinets must change too, from home meals only, to half-on-the-go. What dishes, water bottles and Thermoses should I buy? Do you have extras that you don't need and you could give me? 
       I am in the middle of organizing our playroom and I need more shelves. Raul said he would build some, but I need them now. We have lots of little toys and not enough containers to store them in and so they are all attacking us. 
       Sophie and Elena picked out their first school clothes and in an hour they will put them on, but I can't find Sophie's other sneaker. Elena has outgrown hers. Therefore, they shall wear flip flops. I wish they had shoes though. Will this cause the first problem at their new school? I hope not. 
       When we walk through the front door of school, I am expecting an ambush of paperwork and instructions, since we made the decision to attend school yesterday. Will it be stressful? Will the papers find homes in my house or will they hide with the other papers? I cleared a spot next to me on this desk just now. They will live there temporarily. 
      You may be wondering about the futures of Levi and I. Me too. I join the "PTA" at my daughter's new school today. Then, I return home to continue recovering from surgery for the next four weeks. In this time period, Levi needs to learn to use a toilet. His mama needs to learn where she will work. Hire me, please, in four weeks. Or pray for me. I need a job. Levi and I will be here until I find one. 
My aunt and dad will return to Georgia on Monday. It is 4:30 A. M. and the telephone has called Raul with my message to 
Get up and go to work.
So, I will get up and be ready to be a parent of two private school students. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

We are chugging along

Our summer has been fun so far. We went to cheer on the pathfinders at the 2014 Pathfinder Fair at Bass Academy.

All the Meridian Pathfinder Clubs worked hard and had fun.

The Meridian Adventure Clubs were good spectators.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Everyone loved the Candy Drop. 

Sophie, Elena,Levi and I stayed for campmeeting that week. It was nifty too.

This week, Sophie has been a camper at Camp Alamisco. She is coming home today.
I have been gardening a lot and Levi was a good fruit picker this morning.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still chugging along, but I feel like I am running in place

My house is so close to finished, but we can't move yet. So close and yet we are not done. We lack a little insulation, 13 pieces of sheetrock, the fixtures, electric box, light switches, and outlet covers and putting the plumbing together. Then we can move.

I received my Mississippi Elementary Education license. I am certified in k-6 , and Social Studies(7-12). I need a job now. Then Raul can take over the home front. We will not be a two income family as long as we have small children.

Sophia is 6 and 1/2. First grade is big and she is still climbing the reading hump, but we can see the valley below us now. Elena is 3 and 1/2. She knows her colors, basic shapes and numbers and some phonics. Levi is five months old. He knows he likes milk and sleep. He talks about that too :).

I dream about moving into our house in between school, cleaning, play and baby.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is a sunny fall Sabbath afternoon in Mississippi. Sophia is wearing flip flops and a blue cotton baby doll dress with little pastel flowers as she ran around our trailer with Davinchi, our daschound, and Brownie, our new puppy. She just came in to get Raul, her papa, and Elena, her sister, to go walking with her in the huge field in front of our trailer. Levi just woke up and he is hungry and Lino Fino, our baby blue parakeet is singing with my favorite christian CD.

Happy Sabbath!