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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Falling into our Routine


          Crunchy brown and orange leaves and little pinecones are littering my yard. I can't believe it is almost fall! The adventure is in the details for my family right now. We are working on sleeping early, making our lunches, setting out our clothes and getting to school on time. The girls share a classroom this year and are renewing their friendships with kids from school while becoming closer as sisters. Sophie and Elena are going to have these lunches next week.

Monday: vegetarian sloppy joes, cucumber slices, ranch dip

Tuesday:  pasta shells with peas and pesto, salad, canned peaches

Wednesday: p & b whole wheat sandwich, yoplait yogurt, kiwi

Thursday: String cheese stick, rolled veggie bologna meat, fruit kabobs, whole grain crackers
Friday:Egg salad wrap (chopped hard-boiled egg mixed with avocado in viniagrette: rolled in a whole wheat tortilla) sliced pears in lemon juice, Snapea Crisps

        It is quiet when Levi and I return from leaving the girls at school. It was only 83 degrees around noon yesterday, when we arrived home. Levi took a long nap all afternoon. Later, we did Easy, peasy preschool. He is loving Abraham the Alligator. Levi does Easy Peasy Getting Ready 1. This online curicullum is super simple, fun and free. Check it out here! We also love
 This weather is neat. It isn't dangerously hot, but it was hot enough to swim. My two youngest children, Elena, 7, and Levi, 3, sprayed the slide and trampoline with the water hose when school was out and played until twilight.

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