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Monday, October 5, 2015

Modoc the Elephant (who learned to read chinese, write poetry and get healthy through nutrition)

KWL chart for God's Way to Ultimate Health
ISBN: 0-929619-02-1

I know that

  1. I am overweight                            
  2. I need quick healthy meal ideas
  3. Mississippi=extreme weather
  4. weather and clutter=lazy
  5. magic answers don't exist
  6. I must trust God to help

  1. Will I learn anything new?
  2. Can I actually get myself to use the new knowledge?
  3. How can I stick with it and stay on budget and schedule?
  4. Can I make it fun and tasty for my family?


(to be continued)

Modoc the Elephant is the best Elephant ever. Since this is my version of Modoc's journey, he is going to experience life through my lens. Modoc heard some people saying the Halleluiah Diet had changed their lives and that it involved 60% raw food, juicing and Barleygreen, carrots and then he got distracted and decided to watch Curious George.

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