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Friday, April 3, 2015

When something makes you feel sad

    I was watching Grey's Anatomy(I am a sucker for romance and drama) and I watched the episode today about a six year old girl with Tay Sachs Disease. They said that most children with this sickness only live until four or five and this girl was six. The dad was calling and researching and searching for a way to take his little girl to Mexico where he heard there was an expirimental treatment that could help her. He wasn't listening to the doctors saying, "She has only about two hours left."
     He said they were giving up and refused to quit, while they were saying that his little girl just needed him to be with her. A compassionate doctor held his little girl and did not leave her alone for a second, but she wanted her daddy. He came back in time to hold her just a little bit longer and the little girl died. What made me so sad is that this situation is realistic. All of us may be guilty of taking our children's presence for granted and not giving them enough attention. Many of us have to work and we might work too much and miss out on precious moments.  This is not an accusation or any reason for us to beat ourselves up for the time we have missed with our's just reality. God can help us all improve.

Great family picture, good, helpful article!

    The reality is that children are dying of disease like Tay Sachs, and Leukemia. Even if those parents are totally in the moment, they will still lose their babies too soon. Everyone will lose someone young or old, healthy or sick, way too soon, because death exists.
     Death makes me sad. So, I switched to singing out my heart to God and I feel better. That feeling that makes your heart soar when you sing or hear a beautiful song or see something breathtaking is like flying on the wings of God's love. Just like Maria Von Trapp's "My Favorite Things" song, music is like a fuzzy brown teddy bear that wraps it's warm arms around you and makes you feel better.

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