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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Best Place in the World

    Staying home is such a blessing. When you are out, running errands or taking classes or any for any reason, you can not relax. You must behave appropriately to your environment and stay alert to danger, more so than you have to when you are at home. When you are home, you can choose your activity, work, play or both, and your energy level. You can plan future days or do nothing at all.
      Raul just reminded me that everything I just told you, is only true when I feel relaxed. When I am tired or sad or bored or stressed, I usually prefer to be out, at the mall or at the lake, anywhere except home. When the house is very dirty and the laundry is overflowing and I am overwhelmed with a busy schedule or sickness, there is no telling where I would rather be. It will probably be home, if I am out, or I would rather be out if I am stuck in the drudgery of housework with out pacing myself. Really, the best place is at the feet of Jesus, trusting him to get me through another day.

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