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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Praise the Lord

      Pastor Karl wanted us to spend a whole week giving thanks to God with out asking Him for anything. I did say thank you more often than I normally do, but it is vital to have God's aid when someone is sick or has problems. It just felt wrong not to ask God for help, sinful even. I felt the stakes are too high to miss any opportunities to seek His mighty power in the lives of people around me that need Him so much. 
      I do have many blessings though. Most of my family is well. I attended an inspirational tea party with wonderful food and friendship. My aunt and uncle took Levi and I to give health and spiritual literature to the 
choctaw people in Philadelphia yesterday. Raul built me a new bedroom and bathroom. 
soon we are going to paint it with an ocean theme. Levi seems to be feeling better after sleeping all afternoon. Only seven more weeks until school is out. Sophie and Elena have enjoyed and done very well at Community Christian school this year. I have a big, wonderful family. I have lots of wonderful friends. 
i have wonderful pets. God is a wonderful, all powerful God.

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