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Sunday, February 8, 2015

There but by Grace go I

Linda's Experience with the bomb on B Street

      Tuxedo is a historically important neighborhood in Meridian, MS. It used to have several factories and it's own elementary school. Many residents have lived there most of their lives and enjoy the small town charm while residing next to the business district and hospitals with easy access to the mall and the interstate on the other side.
     It is very easy to imagine the surprise that Brother Lee, a member of Calvary Tabernacle, a local church, felt when he discovered a pipe bomb in the trash that he collected to be recycled. He called the police and the bomb squad came to this sleepy neighborhood on Wednesday, February 4, 2015.         Across the street from the field where the bomb squad were preparing to detonate the remains of the bomb, live Linda and Albert Reed.  Linda drives a van for railroad crews through out the southeastern corner of the U.S. Her husband, Albert, receives a courtesy call before Linda receives each assignment.He likes to turn to Linda and remark cheekily," You have a trip."
     Linda returned from her latest trip to find that all roads to her house were blocked by the police. She managed to get home, but the police admonished her to stay indoors. Albert said, "Linda, open that door and let me see." As she opened the door, the bomb was detonated under nine sandbags and a small pebble flew over and hit Linda on the leg hard enough to cause a bruise.
      "Why, " says my husband, Raul, "did that rock hit Linda on the leg? It could have hit the door or the porch or it could have hit her eye and have blinded her." All that we know for sure is that God protected Linda and Tuxedo from any real harm and will continue to do so.

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