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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friday 9:30 A.M.

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and that is normal for me since Sophie and Elena started school in August.   Raul and I dropped the girls off at a friend's house. She also has children at Community Christian school and so she dropped them off at school for us and also picked them up for us. What a lifesaver that friend is, because that is where we began a new experience: my long-lost wisdom teeth extractions.
     Raul, Levi and I arrived early to the Oral Surgeon's office. Then we lounged in the lobby, did some reading, web-surfing, and playing with the neat colored-beads on wire box. The lobby was full when we arrived and only half empty when it was my turn to go to a exam room, so I had enough time to proces my experiences, but not enough time to get too worried.
       I sat down in the comfortable dental chair and studied my mouth x-rays for a minute or so. The friendly dental assistants were cheery and reassuring. I barely even noticed when one of them inserted a medicine needle, but the metal heart monitors were cold and I felt chilly. I closed my eyes and reclined and worked on being relaxed, but I was surprised when the surgeon began drilling, grinding and extracting right away. I thought I would be asleep during the procedure and all the activity in my mouth was making me nervous. The first tooth extraction was fast, but the other one required drilling the tooth apart and prying it out. I either fell asleep or fainted, because soon one of the dental assistants was helping me out of the chair to meet my husband at the back door. I couldn't  believe they were making me walk out of the building instead of using a wheelchair. Then we had to wait a full minute for Raul to meet us. The dental assistant put this weird stretchy headband under my  chin and over my ears and head. She inserted a cold gel pack on each cheek, handed me 4 prescriptions and sent us back to Meridian, Ms. All this happened so quick and the pain hit me full force that I panicked and really wanted to be in an emergency room instead of a car at the beginning of an hour and a half road trip to a pharmacy. I knew we would need to wait at least a half hour.  I  hurt so badly that I don't know how long we waited in that pharmacy before they told us we would  need to take three of my prescriptions and return Monday for the other one!  Thankfully, the other pharmacy up the road had that prescription and we were out of there quick, picked up the girls and arrived home uneventfully.
       So here I am recovering at home. We all stayed home and I enjoyed the company. We watched Joseph and The Ten Commandments( six hours of TV time!) I have not done that in ages and enjoyed      3 fabulous smoothies. The first was a rasberry coconut, the second was kiwi strawberry and the last was pineapple mango. It has been intense, but not boring at all, and so Raul will be with me for one more day before School on Monday rolls around, therefore I am confident that I can handle this. I just hope that I don't get a dry socket or any infections. Hopefully, those are needless worries that I picked up during my Internet research this afternoon.

                                                                  Goodnight, Y'all.


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