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Saturday, November 1, 2014

How many different life events can you count in this blog post?

Mr. Skolfield told me, "The hardest experiences are the ones that you remember the most. " It was true of that canoe trip, I' ll tell you about that later, and has proved true of my wisdom teeth removal too. Actually, this has been four experiences in one. In April, Sophie, Elena, Levi and I drove to our dentist appointment. Sophie needed a filling,which we came back for later, Elena was all clear, Levi needed supervision, so we waited for Raul to arrive from work and I was surprised by my x-rays.
      My two bottom wisdom teeth were growing in and not up, due to lack of space in my jaw. Dr. Mcquarters referred me to Dr. Nichols in Hattiesburg. Our car broke on the day of my specialist consult in Hattiesburg and I forgot to reschedule. We bought another car, went to summer camp and camp meeting and then I remembered that I needed a prophylactic Hysterectomy to help prevent more cancer by 85%. So, my aunt came to stay and help out.(She was very helpful, but exhausted. So we won't try that again.) Two weeks into Hystectomy recovery, I enrolled my children into school for the first time and decided to begin volunteering at a daycare. Two weeks later, Levi and I volunteered   At Wesley House Daycare for a couple hours. The next day, one of the daycare teachers walked out mid-morning, so the other teacher asked me to help out immediately. Levi and I jumped in our van and I stayed full-time for six weeks.
      I should have kept in mind that recovery from a hysterectomy is supposed to be six weeks, adjusting to a different car must add a little stress and a new school after being in homeschool is exhausting and and I might have had some insight into how hard my new job would be. I decided that the job was not a good fit for me. I began volunteering again at Wesley House on Wednesday and my postponed wisdom teeth extractions happened on Friday, at 9:30 a.m. I thought the experiences were closed, but since I just read that last paragraph again, I think I am right in the middle of a whole new experience already.

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