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Saturday, April 16, 2011

God can renew your strength

The whole family enjoyed my dad's visit. However, I forgot to take Sophia to the Riley show and she quit gymnastics. I was sick on the day of the church yard sale after throwing up the previous night. Can you tell that last week was very hard for me?

Sophia did end up enjoying a great Riley Show and a great afternoon playing with Lauren and Olivia. Elena and I ate at Chick-fil-A and went shopping together. That was the calm before the storm though. On Tuesday, Sophia had the stomach virus first and then at 2:00 am on Thursday morning, I did my own throwing up. Raul only worked on Wednesday, which was a relief. He was home when I was sick. That was a major blessing. He ended up with a mild version of the stomach virus too. I am thankful he did not throw up like Sophia and I. Elena did seem to feel a little under the weather today. I hope she doesn't throw up next.

Sophia had lots of fun with Gymnastics and maybe she can take it again later, but they are practicing the recital program now and that includes a dance. She did not feel comfortable dancing because she knows that dancing is not an activity that Raul and I want her to be doing. Dancing is not bad inherently, but some dance is aimed at being sexy and so we don't want her involved. No one needs to be sexy, especially a five year old child.

This link has really raised my spirits today and helped me put my troubles back in perspective. My outlook is so positive, because God is awesome. Check it out for yourself. It is so worth the time you will spend.


  1. Eagle in flight looks great! I like your blog!...Daniel

  2. There wasn't any new post. I just wanted to greet you Happy Easter!...Daniel