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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still chugging along, but I feel like I am running in place

My house is so close to finished, but we can't move yet. So close and yet we are not done. We lack a little insulation, 13 pieces of sheetrock, the fixtures, electric box, light switches, and outlet covers and putting the plumbing together. Then we can move.

I received my Mississippi Elementary Education license. I am certified in k-6 , and Social Studies(7-12). I need a job now. Then Raul can take over the home front. We will not be a two income family as long as we have small children.

Sophia is 6 and 1/2. First grade is big and she is still climbing the reading hump, but we can see the valley below us now. Elena is 3 and 1/2. She knows her colors, basic shapes and numbers and some phonics. Levi is five months old. He knows he likes milk and sleep. He talks about that too :).

I dream about moving into our house in between school, cleaning, play and baby.

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