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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Supper and now Lunch

We ate the red cabbages for supper that we grew in our flowerbed. I have never harvested red cabbages before and they grew fairly large in my front yard. I planted some in my back yard and they are so tiny that I haven't even picked them. I sauted the big ones though, added tortillas, eggs and mushrooms and topped them off with ketchup. They were delicious. I wasn't going to cook at all, but I was hungry. Elena gave me a box of raisins, but that just made me more hungry.
That happened on Thursday and I was distracted and didn't post, so here I am on Sabbath. Now, we are going to eat Spaghetti and Veggies with Pineapple and Vanilla Ice cream for dessert. This picture is not mine, but this is how I hope our food will look.Spaghetti with veggies

Buckets of rain poured on the church during the sermon. When we went outside the puddles were being reflected by the most beautiful sunshine. Happy Sabbath! (see Exodus 20: 7-11)

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