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Saturday, March 12, 2011

4:58 AM-I think I went to bed too early

When your cold is better, but not gone, and you are awake anyway, you can pester your husband and get locked out of your room or you can go write a blog. My cold is not bugging me too badly and I already pestered my husband, so here I am. There is no lock on my bedroom door, so I am O.K. on that front too.

Winter has been cold. Ice and snow have graced my yard recently. However, the grass is green again and the daffodils and green peas are blooming next to the half-mature cabbages and spinach. My favorite morning was when the bumblebees discovered the clover blooming.

My dad is fully recovered from heart surgery and can ride his motorcycle to pester the neighbor's dogs and their owners. Or is it the other way around? Just who is pestering who? Imagine a quiet afternoon lounging on your front lawn. Then a big and noisy red motorcycle zooms across your line of vision. The tantalizing monstrosity does not politely sniff your tree, it just barks and runs. Why is it so excited?

You rude object, wait for me! Explain yourself and let's play. I can help you, if you just slow down.

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